Preset Library

Website Monitor is essential part of LiveChatNow operator's console.

It shows visitor's IP address, host name, country, region, city, browser type, pages visited, referrer address and other information.

This information will allow you to watch visitor's actions on the website.

LiveChatNow monitoring tool let you see where your customer came from, what search engine, keywords they have used to find your website, watch how they navigate through your website and track how much time they spend on your website.

Presets (canned responses) are organized in hierarchy (tree) structure in Preset Library. It is much easier to navigate presets in hierarchy (tree) then in regular list. You can have much more presets and find them much faster when they are stored in a tree. You can also assign keywords to your presets. When visitor will ask question Auto Answer will list those presets that contain keywords found in visitors question. Operator do not have to do any extra move or click to ignore auto answer advise. But it requires only one click to send Auto Answer preset to visitor.

Preset Library saves operator's time, increase performance and productivity. But Preset Library with Auto Answer makes it even more efficient.

When customer asks question: "How much item ABC123 costs?" and you have following presets
ABC123 description (keywords: ABC123)
ABC123 pricing (keywords: ABC123, pric, cost)
General pricing (keywords: ABC123, pric, cost)
Discount (keywords: pric, cost)

Auto Answer will list these presets because they have keywords found in visitor's question. Operator do not have to search for presets in preset library especially if you have dozens of products, (e.g. ABC123, ABC234, ABD123, DFE747, .... , etc)